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March 17 Seminar
Build A Happy Life

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build a happy life!

Happiness skills build your

confidence & a positive

mindset, so you feel empowered

& inspired to pursue your dreams!


Whatever situation you are trying to attract into your life: weight loss,
meeting your soulmate, making more money, manifesting a dream vacation,
feeling energized, vibrant and lucky
~ the foundation of it all is happiness
and feeling good about yourself.


Have you ever noticed that when you’re unhappy and something wonderful happens, the happiness is only fleeting? It doesn't last? That is because our belief system around joy is flawed. We believe that once we meet our true love, then we will be happy. Once we get the promotion, then we will be happy. If you always feel like something is missing, it is because you’re chasing happiness.


I will share happiness strategies that are simple to tap into, so you find joy every day. You will be able to navigate challenging times without feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or any other negative emotion ~ because joy will be your priority. Life's daily challenges won't bother you as much because you will have the confidence to focus on solutions that support your new, happy lifestyle! When you know how to feel good, this new positive attitude will help you attract everything you desire! You will believe that you can make all your dreams come true.

Date and time: March 17, 2024 12:00 EST

Join Our Online Event March 17th 12pm EST

Build a
Happy Life

Admission $25


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