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Workshop June 8

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Clear Your Mind for Inspiration!

Inspiration comes from a quiet mind. Use meditation and journaling to clear mental clutter, feel inspired, and focus on your goals. 


With so many influences, so much information and endless expectations, our minds are clouded and block our true inspiration coming through. In order to find inspiration, we must find the place of emptiness beyond the judgments of good and bad, or right and wrong. Rather than searching the external world to make decisions based on reactions and interpretations, we search for inspiration within.


I will share how to use affirmations and set intentions to boost your confidence, which will empower you to believe all your dreams can come true.


This workshop will cover how to effectively use meditation to empty your mind and find inspiration, tools for balancing the emotions and feelings that interfere with inspiration, as well as journaling practices to clear your thoughts, so inspiration flows through! 

Date and time: June 8, 2024 • 12:00pm EST

Join Our Online Event
June 8th 12 pm EST

Use the Clear
Your Mind
For Inspiration! 

Admission fee for this event is $25


Thanks for registering!

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