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Master the Law of Attraction: Scripting to Manifest Love, Joy & Abundance

Master the Law of Attraction: Scripting to Manifest Love, Joy & Abundance


Scripting is a quick way to release negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from believing you can attract your dream life!


The Law of Attraction states that joy is our natural birthright. This means that the best way to attract anything is with an open heart and a positive mindset.


When you let go of old, stuck beliefs, then you are in a state of receiving, which allows your dreams to flow into your life. Scripting guides you to release all that is holding you back, making it a powerful tool and the key to becoming a super attractor! 


The book The Secret, set the world on fire with everyone asking the question: Is there a secret to manifesting your dreams and goals? The answer is yes! The most magnificent secret is within you ~ harness the power of your thoughts and emotions.


These scripting activities are a journey of self-discovery and mindset transformation to unleash your unlimited potential.  It has been scientifically proven that the powerful processes of visualizing and writing your desires activates your subconscious mind almost like a genie conspiring to make your dreams come true. 


The journaling activities will truly inspire and connect to your innermost desires. Once you know exactly what you want, you naturally start making better decisions that support the glorious life you are looking to manifest.


This is how you become empowered to believe that you can attract anything you want! It is an exciting journey that begins with your self-care and learning to love yourself deeply!


Because you have learned how to focus on what you want, you will be able to clearly separate what is important to you, what can wait, and what doesn't need your attention at all. This clarity will change your circumstances ~ and then watch the miracles pour into your life! 


Each chapter asks you to look at an aspect of your life and decide what is important to you. Even though you think you know what you want, until you write it down and look at it, it is just a fuzzy faraway dream. Writing it down and spending a few minutes a day looking at the words, sets your mind in motion. Ideas come to you. You will be driven to pursue your goals by the inspired action that calls you all day long. All of a sudden, little things start to fall in place to make your dreams come true.


People will think that you are lucky because so many good things are coming your way, but you will know it is because you have become crystal clear about what you want through scripting.


You have ignited the magic! When you feel confident and worthy, you become a magnet that attracts everything you want into your life.


It is amazing how you can release some of your anxiety, sadness or any other negative emotions when you feel courageous and wise enough to pursue your dreams. You will feel some of your stress melting away because you will have the tools to pursue your dream job, attract your soulmate, manifest abundance, move into your perfect home, and anything else you truly desire in life!


The scripting exercises will help you focus and bring awareness to what is holding you back, so you can release it and allow all your desires to flow into your life. If you feel stressed, sad, anxious or angry about any part of your life, these scripting activities will help you release some of that negative energy. Life is challenging, and many of us have built up years of anguish, frustration, bitterness, and exhaustion. It is time to let all of this go, so the new vibrant energy of attraction can flow into your life!


The more you practice scripting, the more clarity you will have about exactly what you want and how you want to live your life. You will develop a keen awareness when something triggers you or negative emotions show up. You will know how to release them immediately to get back to the important task of manifesting! 


The law of attraction will only work for you if you understand the philosophy of like attracts like. Your thoughts and emotions are the guiding systems for what you attract. If you feel angry, resentful, bitter, fearful or other negative emotions from your past, they could be blocking you from moving forward and embracing the future you desire.


Scripting will show you how to release it all and make your dominant thoughts exactly what you want to create in your life. Once you release the resistance and blocks, you will create new positive pathways for your thoughts and emotions! 


Come with me on this amazing journey. Build your self-esteem and confidence. Learn how to open your mind and heart to all that you desire and become a magnet for positivity. Cultivate a mindset that is empowered and unstoppable. 


Scripting to Manifest Love, Joy & Abundance will help you feel like the lucky person you were born to be! 

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